How it works


Get started with Cultured Care

Our private care plans are affordable and easy to access. Here's how to get started:

  1. Complete our self-screening application
  2. Sign-up for our affordable care package
  3. Connect with one of our contracted therapists and begin services 

The Cultured Care Service Plan

Our services are $85/week after the initial *intake fee. 

Fees are billed monthly and you can cancel anytime.

Imagine finding well-being for less than many of us spend on specialty coffee, fast food, alcohol, or unhealthy coping behaviors each month.

  • $249 initial intake and orientation (includes the first week of therapy)
  • $85 each week (One 60-minute session, Two 30-minute sessions, or 4-15 minute sessions each week, depending upon scheduling between you and your counselor)
Smiling female doctor in consultation with patient in office

Need assistance paying for your care?

Cultured Care is ready to help you navigate the cost of care with multiple options.

  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Options to pay through affiliated partners 
  • Assistance with applying for CareCredit

Frequently asked questions

  •  Do you accept insurance? It depends. We are registered with a limited number of insurance companies.  In other instances, you can confirm the ability to request "Out of Network" insurance reimbursement with your own insurance provider.                               

Please note, our prices are very affordable, and may cost less than your insurance company's co-pays or mandatory deductible.

  • Are your therapists licensed? Yes!      All of our therapists are highly qualified mental health professionals who are licensed. Each client is paired with a therapist who is licensed in their state of residence.
  • Can I stop counseling anytime? Yes! You are in charge of your own care. You can stop counseling therapy at-will.