We're restructuring our Counseling Service Platform and Organizational Structure.  Current clients will continue to be served, however we are not scheduling new client intakes until Spring/Summer 2025. Thanks for your patience.


You Matter

It feels so good to talk and be heard by someone who truly understands YOU.

You are worthy of joy, happiness, and peace!

Many Black, Brown, Native American, Asian, and other people from diverse cultural groups shy away from the topic of mental health, but times are changing. We're working towards destroying the 'taboo' related to mental health. We are worthy of joy, happiness, and peace. We deserve the right to be heard and supported.

Let's face it, we're experiencing unprecedented amounts of race-based and historical trauma. We're overwhelmed with stressors in life. We tell ourselves to just push past depression, anxiety, and over-use of substances to numb pain.

"Pray it away,” "ignore it,” "other people have it worse." These distractions just won't work anymore for many of us. Now with the impact of COVID-19, things have become unbearable for many of us. Connecting with a person who understands you and your cultural considerations can be the exit from isolation and pain and the open door to healing and growth.

We All Supply Culturally Relevant, Culturally Responsive Training Events, Classes. and Professional Educational Services for Large or Small Organizations.

ACCESS OUR DIRECTORY OF Ethnically Diverse Counselors, Telehealth Providers, Educator-Trainer & Wellness Professionals

Cultured Care Telehealth Provider Directory provides a comprehensive list of mental health providers and other caring professionals who can meet you where you're at... through Telehealth & Counseling Sessions. These providers are Black, Brown, Indigenous, or from mmany other cultural and ethnic groups.

They seek to provide culturally specific services that are ethical, therapeutic, and steeped in the rich cultural strengths, beliefs, and heritage you hold dear. Your culture is a gift they respect and understand.

Our Cultured Care Providers and General Listing Providers  offer professional counseling or other services that will require sliding scale fees, private pay, or health insurance to cover the costs.

*Remember, it is both your right and responsibility to evaluate and determine if a provider is appropriate for you!


DISCLAIMER: Cultured Care encourages individuals and families to take advantage of secure, confidential Telehealth Services to prevent unnecessary exposure to COVID-19

Telehealth Providers & Professionals Our Communities Need You

  • Psychologist
  • Therapist
  • Guest Lectuer & Trainers
  • Mental Health RN
  • Certified Coaches, Mentors, QMHPs
  • And Many More